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Fragmenty instrukcji obsługi Craftsman 113 299131 służą do pomocy w obsłudze i naprawie maszyny stolarskiej Craftsman 113 299131. Instrukcje zawierają cenne informacje na temat bezpiecznego i prawidłowego użytkowania maszyny, jak również postępowania w przypadku wystąpienia problemów technicznych. Poszczególne fragmenty instrukcji mogą dotyczyć działania określonych mechanizmów, procedur eksploatacji, regulacji i regulacji urządzenia oraz stosowania narzędzi i części zamiennych. Instrukcje są często aktualizowane w celu zapewnienia, że użytkownicy otrzymują najnowsze informacje dotyczące obsługi maszyny Craftsman 113 299131.

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113. 299131
repair parts
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, III. 60684 U. S. A. and Simpsons-Sears Limited, Toronto
Part No. 62465 Printed in U. A.

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general safety instructions for power tools 1. KNOW YOUR POWER TOOL 12. USE SAFETY GOGGLES Read the owner's manual carefully. Learn its Safety goggles must comply with ANS Z87. 1-1968. application and limitations as well as the specific Also use face or dust mask if cutting operation is dusty. potential hazards peculiar to this tool. 13. SECURE WORK 2. GROUND ALL TOOLS Use clamps or a vise to hold work when practical. It's This tool is equipped with an approved 3-conductor safer than using your h
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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS TO OPERATOR 6. A large proportion of tilting arbor saw accidents is WARNING: Do not connect power cord caused by dull, badly set, improperly filed cutting tools, until the following steps have been by gum or resin adhering to cutting tools and by fence satisfactorily completed: misallgnment (out of parallel) with the saw blade. Such a. READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND THE FOL- conditions cause the material to stick, jam, stall the saw, LOWING INSTRUCTIONS and the "SAFETY RULES o
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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS TO OPERATOR 17. 21. Adjust table inserts flush with, or slightly below, the Never perform any operation "freehand. " This term table top. means feeding the stock into the saw blade or other cutting tool without using the miter gauge, rip fence, 18. For operations which do not permit the use of a spread- taper jig, or some other device which prevents rotating er, serious consideration should be given to the use of or twisting of the workpiece during the operation. jigs or fixtu
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unpacking and pre-assembly 6 4 S t t t t 15 16 17 18 Figure 1 ii UNPACKING AND CHECKING CONTENTS Key No. (Fig. 1) Item Name Qty. This Craftsman Motorized Floor Saw is shipped complete II Wrench, Hex., 1/8........................... 1 in one carton. In order to prevent damage during shipment Wrench, Hex., 5/32".......................... 1 and facilitate packaging, certain items are removed at the Wrench, Hex., 3/16".......................... 1 factory and must be assembled when receiyed by the
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assembly and adjustments GROUNDING BLADE _S I! 'y/Z-//' f_ _ I 'EG LING FOOT NUTS, HEX. / iI -13 x // I''_ _ 3/4x5/16 END STIFFENER I SIDE STIFFENER ". /'_I / NO ADAPTER IS I _! OVERLOAD I Jfl I AVAILABLE FOR I _ J PROTECTORI INNER " II TH's TYPE LU°I I HOLES 6 HOLES Figure 3 J Figure 4 | Figure 5 Figure I Heavy loads, however, require that voltage at motor MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS (Cont°d) terminals be not less than the voltage specified on Hertz (cycles)...................... 60 nameplate. Phase
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J EXTENSION ROD SUPPORTS Figure 8 Figure 7 SMALL STEEL SCALE TABLE EXTENSfON, _ FENCE GUID_ BAR RACK SWITCH BOX SCREW Figure 10 Figure 9 ii table mountings. Position the extensions to the feners. (See figure 5. ) Using parts from the correct sides of the table so the four holes in the table loose parts bag, assemble the legs to the saw base and the extensions are aligned when the table with the sixteen 5/16-18x5/8 inch screws and and extensions are correctly mated. An extension 5/16-18 nuts. (See
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assembly and adiustments SIDE VIEW 4 3 2 1 4 / 5 SAW TABLE SPACER GUIDE BAR RACK SCREW /4 - 20 x 21N. _ 4 LOCKW_ SWITCH BOX Figure 11 Figure 12 two 5/16-18 x 3/4 inch screws (5), 5/16-18 inch (2) Attach this assembly to the center hole in the table and secure the assembly with a 1/4 inch nuts and 5/16 inch Iockwashers in position as Iockwasher and I/4-20 inch hex nut. Do not shown in figure 12. Do not tighten the screws fully. tighten the nut until all attaching screws are in (2) Slide the extens
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FLEVATIOI_ KNOB CRANK TILT CRANK- -----C. -LEVATION. OCK KNOB Figure 13 Figure 14 Figure 15 each of the four set screw positions to determine if the table insert is even with saw table surface. (See figure 13. ) If uneveness exists, adjust as follows: (a) If an adjustment is necessary, rotate each of the four set screws(or as many as required) with a 3/32 inch hex-"L'" wrench until table and insert surfaces are even. (See figure 14. ) (b) Make surethat ends of all four set screws are making contac
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assembly and adjustments ARBOR WRENCH \ SHAFT ELEVATION POINTER q WRENCH CRANK CLAMP KNOB TILT aASE OF COMBINATION SQUARI ELEVATION LOCK KNOB Figure 18 Figure Figure 20 //! / sc, _ REAR OF SAW MARK SCALE PENCIL PENCIL REAR OF SAW MARK Figure 21 Figure 22 b. Checking and Adjusting the 45 ° Position b. Pull out the elevation lock knob (figure 20) to release the elevating mechanism and, using the elevation (1) Loosen the clamp knob and rotate the tilt crank crank, position the saw blade for the deep
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Insert the scale between the pencil point and blade, as shown in figure 22. If the saw is parallel to the table groove, the scale will just "slide" into the gap between the pencil point and blade. If the scale will not enter this gap, or is loose in the check shown in figure 22, an adjustment of the table trunnlons is required. Proceed as follows: (1) Tighten the clamp knob firmly (figure 20) and loosen the two screws which secure each table trunnion (front and rear) to the table. (See figure 23
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assembly and adjustments assembly (2) on the pinion shaft to achieve proper alignment. Tighten the set screw (1) with a 1/8 inch hex-"L" wrench. (5) To adjust for correct gear mesh (depth of tooth contact), loosen the set screw (3, figure 25) with a 1/8 inch hex-"L" wrench and rotate the eccen- tric (4) until proper mesh is obtained. Tighten the set screw (3) after adjusting and check for proper operation at various points along the rack. (6) Move the rip fence carefully across the central porti
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SCALE (WITH MIRROR SURFACE) WINDOW REFLECTED IMAGE.. Figure 32 Figure 31 (2) Using a 5/32 inch hex-"L'" wrench, loosen the 29. ) Check to see if rear of fence is "secure" to the table at the rear. set screw at the rear of the fence approximately two turns. (See figure 29. ) This screw is located NOTE: If the fence fails to square itself every- in the fence lock just inside the channel as shown. time, check for any burr or foreign material on Place the fence back on saw table and notice the surfac
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assembly and adjustments INDICATOR LINE a. Checking the Miter Gauge IN PLASTIC WINDOW (1) Loosen the lock handle and push the stop pin firmly into the middle detent ("0'" position on the scale. ) The stop pin will be seated more effec- tively if it is rotated slightly as it is being "'pushed'" into the detent. Tighten the lock handle. (See figure 34. ) Figure 33 NOTE: Always tighten the lock handle hand- tight only. Do not use a wrench on the lock handle. SCREWS (2) Using a combination square, che
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(2)Place a square against the spreader and saw table top. (See figure 36. ) If the spreader bar is not positioned at 90° with the table, loosen the two clamping screws (figure 35) and rotate the spreader bar until the spreader is square with the table (figure 36. ) Tighten the two clamp- ing screws (figure 35) and recheck to make sure tightening the screws did not change the adjust- ment. More than one trial may be required. (3) Sight along the spreader and saw blade to check' for alignmenl;. An a
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operating controls OPERATING CONTROLS the thumb or finger against end of switch lever to pre- vent the switch from being turned on as the key is re- Before operating the saw, the operator should examine all moved. controls until thoroughly familiar with their functions, as 6. Rip Fence (1, figure 42). When the lock handle (2, well as making sure that controls are operating properly. figure 42) is released (raised), the rip fence (1) may (See figure 39. ) be moved toward, or away from, the saw by
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maintenance ELEVATION TILT WORM LOCK KNOB LOCK WRENCH BEVEL GEARS __ _ _'-/_ ELEVATING WORM i MAINTENANCE AND LUBRICATION adjustment purposes, should be oiled occasionally. This Craftsman Saw is a fine machine and should be given 4. If the saw is to be left standing for some time, particu- the best of care. If kept clean and properly lubricated, it larly in damp climates, the table top surface should be will provide many years of trouble-free service. The follow- coated with light engine oil or
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proper operating procedures CROSSCUTTI NG CROSSCUTTING is known as cutting wood across the DOWN CLAMP grain, at 90 °, or square with both the edge and the flat side of the wood. This is done with the miter gage set at "'0". The miter gage may be used in either of the grooves in the table. Make sure it is locked. When using the miter gage in the LEFT hand groove, hold the workpiece firmly against the miter gage head with your left hand, and grip the lock handle with your right... or use Hold-Dow
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BEVEL CROSSCUTTING BEVEL CROSSCUTTING is the same as crosscutting except that the wood is also cut at an angle. •. other than g0 degrees with the flat side of the wood. Adjust the blade to the desired angle. Use the miter gage in the groove to the RIGHT of the blade •.. NEVER TO THE LEFT. Hold the workpiece with your right hand and the Iockhandle with your left hand... or use Hold-Down Clamp (Optional Accessory), (See figure 48). COMPOUND MITER CUTTING Compound miter cutting is a combination o
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proper operating procedures WOR K SUPPORT ALWAYS SUPPORT Use a "saw horse",.. and a piece of plywood. (See figure WORKPIECES 51. ) When "WIDTH OF RIP" is 6 inches and WIDER use your RIGHT hand to feed the workpiece until it is clear of the table. (See figure 52. ) Use LEFT hand ONLY to guide the workpiece... do not FEED the workpiece with the left hand. When "WIDTH of RIP" is 2 inches to 6 inches wide USE THE PUSH STICK to feed the work. (See figure 53. ) When WIDTH of RIP is NARROWER than 2 inch

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